Through Our Lens, Inc. (TOL) empowers high-school-aged girls to use photography not only as a medium to build self-esteem and nurture creativity, but also to build portfolios and develop professional relationships within the fashion industry. TOL's programming includes a balance of practical skill development and application, industry education, and mentorship to ensure girls acquire the well rounded experiences needed to be successful as aspiring fashion professionals.

Co-Founded by Carolyn Pride & Sophie Elgort, our vision is of a fashion industry where decision-makers operate as enlightened practitioners of inclusion, innovation and influence - not only on the creative side, but at every level. Through Our Lens, Inc. recognizes that a clear lack of access and diversity of figureheads within the fashion industry lead many girls to be less likely to view the fashion space, a $1.2 trillion global industry, as a sector that represents a viable future for them.

Our goal is to increase racial, socioeconomic and gender diversity in the fashion space, both behind the scenes and in the spotlight.

At Through Our Lens, we believe strongly in the power of visual images and that representation matters.